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Chinese Wholesale Tea


Wholesale Chinese tea means your café, restaurant or establishment can afford to stock a wide selection of teas. These continue to be popular, both for the health conscious and those who enjoy the taste. Tea is the great alternative for those who avoid alcohol and processed sugary beverages like soda. It also has a different sense of class. For whatever reason people will sit to drink tea, as they sometime do with coffee or cocktail drinks. Tea is social and the various varieties only give more options for the individual who want to socialize.

A few generations age tea was a popular and simple beverage in Australia. There were a few variations, but tea was mostly black. Famous authors like Britain’s George Orwell wrote article on the best way to make tea, but for the most part tea was simply something anybody could make from boiling water. Now the huge varieties of Chinese teas means may different brewing methods. Part of the reason people will go out for tea is the skill or knowledge needed to prepare the different teas correctly.

Many establishments that produce a variety of teas like to have separate equipment for each type of tea. A Yixing teapot will absorb the fragrance of the tea it contains. Over time this will make for improved tea infusion. The downside is that using the pot of a different brand of tea will cause unpredictable blending, which should be avoided.

Chinese wholesale tea will allow and café to add another series of popular beverages to their menu. We recommend looking as some fine Chinese teapots and cups to compliment your new line of teas, and to enhance the preparation and experience.



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