Wedding Makeup Quotes

‘Men don’t appreciate the time and effort it takes for makeup to let us look naturally beautiful’

‘There are no unattractive women, just ones who haven’t bothered yet with the makeup’

‘If the relationship ends you have regrets, but somehow the time you spent on makeup isn’t one of them’

Makeup is art, beauty is science

‘Wearing oversized sunglasses can conceal the fact you aren’t wearing eye makeup, but you know perfectly well that I’m actually going to wear both’

‘Makeup just enhances natural assets. Honestly, if I you put one girls makeup on another girl, the result is actually worse’

‘The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colours, clothing, makeup all express something’ Gene Simmons

‘Everybody, including celebrities, aims for perfection; yet nobody relates to a perfect person. Makeup is like that’

‘I love a good cry at a film and a good mascara. Yes, I realize it’s only ever one or the other’

‘There were so many options for my bridal makeup, I said it would be hard to makeup my mind, and didn’t know why people thought that was funny’

‘A Beauty Parlour: The place where women curl up and dye’

‘People use to say Kiss and makeup. But after I applied the wedding makeup I told them don’t kiss anybody, you’ll smudge 2 hour’s work’

Talk to a professional wedding makeup artist, so your bridal makeup will show what you would like to be for the rest of your life.

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