Sign Advertising – Getting the word out there

Entrepreneur Dick Smith once commented on the number of people who saw his fleet of advertising cars. He actually only had one such vehicle, but apparently a well-designed decoration attracted so much attention everybody though there was whole fleet of cars. At last count there were only three good year blimps, yet the blimp seems so much more famous than that.

Vehicle Wrapping

We think the best way to customise the look of your business vehicle is to use a vehicle wrap. Car vinyl wrap can be partial of full, and custom designed to the vehicle in question. They can be as flamboyant or as stylishly neat as the owner wants. Vehicle wrapping adds whatever you want to whatever your car already has.

Running a business takes capital, and investing in a vehicle for delivery or other business needs is a considerable expense. Vehicle wrapping turns that investment into a way to promote your company. Even when it’s parked a customised car is getting you brand recognition. And when it’s on the job a customised vehicle with your logo on it will look as professional as any business could. Nothing looks more impressive for a business than a fleet of customized vehicles in the parking lot.

Portable Signs on the Street.

Sandwich boards are great for advertising. As inexpensive signs they are portable, meaning you can set them up outside any conference of worksite; they easily fit in the back of the average car. If your company runs any event, the sandwich board sign show the world who’s behind it all.

Window Signs

Vinyl stickers are custom designed and printed on industrial quality vinyl. These are the type of display you usually see in windows. Make any rented room look like a serious piece of office space, and show others where your business is going.

Customize your car with a vinyl wrap from Nova Visual in Illawarra. And add to the vehicle wrap with vinyl stickers or signs, also from Nova Visual in Illawarra.


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