Why Bridal Makeup is Different

We can usually put differences into two categories- differences of type and differences of degree. Wedding makeup is one of the rare examples of something that is both. Truly, it is a more elaborate form of makeup, so it’s taken to a different degree; it also serves a different purpose; there is a different look needed for a bride, so it is also a difference of type.

Budget is a factor with almost anybody. But as a wedding is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime event you are expected to splurge a little here. And if you use professional makeup artist you know the price well in advance.

Three factors to consider with the makeup are-


As the bride is the focus of much of the attention for the whole ceremony and reception she will need to maintain her look for several hours. A touch up kit can be used, but we would all prefer the makeup to stay stable. A professional wedding makeup artist has learnt from experience what will last the day and what may not, and understands some different approaches for hot weather or other extreme conditions.


This is mostly for the wedding photographer, though as the photographs are an important and long lasting aspect of the event you will really want to help get them right. Matt finish makeup greatly reduces the reflections; shiny skin ruins photo in a way that Photoshop can never completely fix.


The bride is the centre of attention, so should not be trying to blend in or be the supporting act. This is one time you are allowed to stand out. Consider how it will all look with the dress and accessories; everything should combine to give a coherent look. If you have a professional makeup artist try giving her a good idea of what your dress will look like before the makeup trial. As most dresses are white this tends to be a minor issue, though it helps to have these things sorted in advance. The colour of the bouquet is also worth considering here. Possibly best to match the bouquet to the makeup rather than the other way around. Many women find there is a certain colour that suits their completion; once this colour(s) know it can become second nature to make matching choices.

More than a few brides choose to have a few makeup lessons from the professional who does their wedding. Later they choose to use this to occasionally recreate the look for a special occasion, or produce a more subtle version of their wedding makeup for everyday wear.

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