Office tips

office-tipFind the ergonomically changes that you like. When somebody used the word ‘ergonomically’ in the 1980’s they usually had to explain what it meant. Before then people just worked on the equipment they had, and saw the specialist if they eventually got a sore back or RSI. Now, we buy the keyboard that feel comfortable and use it with the computer meant for our occupation and position. I can’t give specifics here; the whole point is to find the equipment and habits that work specifically for you. The items are often cheap these days; experiment and find the desk items that make things easier. At the very least try to de-clutter.

Get things done by giving your self time. Having other people around will lead to constant interruptions, unless you have some way to prevent that. At the same time you can’t ignore others, they probably have company related questions. If there’s something urgent or important try to find the hour without interruptions. If there are office meeting you do not need to attend then use that time for the task that needs all your concentration. Else, get there and hour earlier and do it before the others arrive. Getting the important thing out of the way make you feel much better about the rest of your tasks for the remainder of the day.

A variation on this is avoiding email for the first hour of work. I sometime worry if I will miss some emergency, but this is email. If you respond before the end of the day the matter should be fine. Emergencies can use the mobile phone. Get the urgent and important matters solved in the first hour at the office, and feel like you’re getting ahead for the rest of the day.

One issue with modern offices is their dependence on the net, especially if they use an off-site cloud. Ever had an experience where things came to a halt because the internet was down? Just about everybody has. Try to pre-plan a way around this. Storing some relavent files on a USB at the beginning of the day can leave you something to do if the web goes offline for an hour. Avoid thinking of a disruption as free time; you will have to make up for the lost work later on, which might mean staying back late. If you’re looking after the office IT then try a local server in the office. You can’t communicate with clients of the net goes down, but you own files shall be assessable, giving your colleagues at least something to get on with.

Look at using different lighting. If you have eyestrain, do some research and try to find out why. Looking at a computer monitor in front of a bright light (like a window during summer) will soon have a negative impact on you. Fix this and wonder why you’re getting more done. The same goes for desks and chairs. If you are constantly readjusting yourself you probably need to change something. You should be confortable and alert. Room colours, scent, temperature, air quality all affect performance. Change these and things take a step forward.

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