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With a near infinite number of images at our fingertips on the net we are spoilt for choice when it comes to visual design. The mixed blessing from this is that is gives us higher standards; we want to decorate with an image that stands out, or has personal meaning. A few discussions and ideas might raise our understanding of what comprises a good picture, though we will focus on what looks good on the interior wall of a house.

A landscape can make a room look bigger, perhaps infinite. We consciously know that the picture is an image, but the psychological effect is still there. Pictures can combine human structures with natural ones, or just remind us of the natural word. Our distant ancestors lived far closer to the land than us, they didn’t need pictures to remind them of nature; their art focused on other things. Landscapes remind us of our place in the scheme of things.

Black and White Photography
B&W has the talented DIY artist of the previous generation all over it. Sometimes I thing people went with B&W because they wanted to appear ‘artsy’; pretention anybody? But really, people copy B&W because they intuitively know there’s some legitimate merit in it. We need to understand that it’s the quality of the image we chase, not just the medium itself. If B/W happens to suit a certain image, so be it.

B/W was the first photographic medium, or at least monochrome was. Photographers first learned the art with this, and sometime the habits stuck. B/W was shape and depth. Working with this is a restriction, but it forces us to find that element in the image. There is sophistication in a good B/W image. The B/W can strip away the irrelevant details and capture what’s important.

Abstract Photography
The human mind like patterns, and likes certain colours that complement or suit each other, and the human mind likes certain things like the golden ratio. Abstract photography works on these principles; it reflects how our mind works. Shape for the sake of shape. The beauty of an object in isolation, without looking at context or purpose. Form because our brain likes form.

Contemporary Photography
Never a stable thing contemporary photography arouses strong emotions and thoughts. Eye catching and hard to look away, contemporary photography causes an reaction.

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